LEADERSHIP development

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We help you focus on developing your executives, managers and supervisors as leaders. Leadership training often focuses on tools and techniques for process and people management. Leadership development  focuses on cultivating leadership-related traits. The most effective leaders are the ones who understand and employ variables that define their influence in ways that bring the best out in the people who follow them.


Your organization's ability to recruit, retain and develop top performers is affected by how its leaders interact with others within your operational areas. Help your leaders grow in areas such as integrity, trust, virtue, morality, relationship building and role modeling, and they will improve employee engagement and loyalty. Your organization's culture is shaped and defined by the leaders your employees interact with on a day-to-day basis. Invest in them!

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Whole Life offers foundational leadership development courses that follow transformational leadership theory and practice. Whether implemented at your location or offsite, we use live facilitation, video presentations and peer-to-peer group interaction to create a highly dynamic and effective learning environment. Foundational leadership training is appropriate for leaders at every level in your organization and is suitable for top-down implementation.

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