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Leadership coaching by a neutral, character-focused coach can improve your effectiveness by developing your ability to lead with authenticity. Whole life coaching starts with the foundation of leadership (your character), moves into your ability to deliberately influence others (your competence as a leader), and finally into maximizing your leadership effectiveness (developing other leaders). We work in the context of your professional life: Where you are now, with an eye on where you want to be.

Whole Life Coaching focuses on leadership development versus leadership training. Leadership training often focuses on tools and techniques for process and people management. Leadership development  focuses on cultivating leadership-related traits. 


When you develop as a leader, you improve personal and interpersonal characteristics such as integrity, trust, virtue, morality and role modeling. These are essential variables in the leadership equation for a leader who wants to inspire people to perform at their best. People will ultimately follow a leader they perceive as a person worth following, not the title you have or the tools, techniques, or (worse yet) gimmicks you use to manage them. 

you'll experience three distinct phases of personal growth

Who you Are 


The basic point of orientation from which leadership is best practiced is your true inner self. The better you know you, the better you can interact with others with consistency, because your leadership style is true to your own unique character. The initial phase of your coaching addresses the critical issues of trust (earning it and restoring it), credibility, values discovery, the role of perceptions, the essentials of leadership, personality types, charisma and building relational rapport with people. 

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What you Do 


This is application of leadership principles to your life. Your coach will continue to focus on the importance of character and maintaining relationships but will move you through the development of competencies that are essential to leadership effectiveness. Coaching in this phase is situational and uses your professional environment as the context for further development. Competencies developed include sharing your vision, getting things done through others, delegation, collaboration, inspiring best effort from others, using candor tactfully, conflict resolution and cultivating loyalty. 

Maximizing your Personal Effectiveness 


People are your most appreciable asset. Leadership does not break through to a level of excellence until you are effectively raising up and developing other leaders. Coaching in this phase helps you identify high potential leaders (distinguishing them from mere high performers), understand how to mentor them and how to create and manage individual developmental roadmaps. It also helps you understand learning, understand the emotional forces that affect learning on the job, understand what good training and good training systems look like and understand how to set up new leaders for success. 

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We limit the number of coaching clients at Whole Life in order to maintain a high level of quality and individual attention needed to help equip you for success!