​​Why work with a strategic partner to implement internal training? 

Many companies choose not to invest in an internal training department or have limited budget resources for training, but nonetheless have significant training needs. Whole Life can provide high-quality training design, development, and implementation services that maximize your training resources by focusing on your most critical needs.

What kind of training is available? 

Whole Life provides the services you need based on careful analyses of your needed outcomes. Our primary expertise is in the area of high-demand advanced manufacturing training systems, registered and non-registered apprenticeships, internships, career pathways and leadership development, but we also support the training needs of other industries. 

Are you in competition with the public workforce training providers in the West Central/Northwest Ohio regions? 

In most cases, no. Whole Life regularly partners with one or more public workforce training providers to effectively fill your needs. The best solution for you, however, may be a multifaceted one that includes public education, private training resources and your internal subject matter experts working together to produce the most effective results for your organization. Your unique needs will drive the service we provide for you.

Is Whole Life Training Solutions a resource for fresh talent? Are you a recruiter? 

No. We are a contract training services provider. We can help you develop systems and people that effectively train your new employees, however - from targeted, specific skill training to comprehensive career and development pathways.

Does Whole Life Training Solutions offer direct training services? 

Yes. We specialize in leadership development, professional training for your company’s training personnel, and coordinator training for public and private sector workforce development professionals. 

How do I get information about the cost of your services? 

Contact us for a free initial consultation. We will provide a subsequent proposal for a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. 

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